Infokratie Bookcover


Buchcover | School project

The book cover was created as part of a school project. The goal was to create a cover that contrasted with the existing design of the book. For the design process, it was specified which font should be used and that only one image may be used.

WKO Broschüre


Brochures | Customer project | Corporate Identity  

This publication is published by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The aim of the WKO is to invite entrepreneurs and managers to actively deal with the topic of "remote leadership / management of decentralized teams", because remote office or home office has found its way into almost every company with the Cov19 crisis.

The output is also intended to serve as an exercise book, which is why it was important for the client to provide some tables to fill out and enough space for notes. Other important points of reference for the draft were, on the one hand, that the layout corresponds to the corporate design of the WKO, and on the other hand, each page should function as an independent "card" that can be easily extracted from the PDF version and, if necessary, edited together with colleagues and that it can be put on the wall at the workplace.

WKO Broschüre offen
WKO Broschüre offen
WKO Broschüre offen


Magazine | School project | Layout 

As an exercise, I created the cover and two double pages for a watch magazine.


Modern layout

Fashion magazine

Creative Idea

Horolo Magazin
teampower notizheft cover


Notizheft | Customer project | Cover 

These two notepad covers were purchased as part of an order. The notepads are used by a company's department called teampower for internal training. The task was to design two different looks, one had to be a typographic subject and the other had to use pictorial elements.

teampower notizheft cover
Sisi Wandtafel
Sisi flyer


Keyvisual | Customer project | Wallboard | Flyer  

The opening of the adventure world "Sisi's Amazing Journey" was scheduled for March 2020. For this reason I was commissioned to design a flyer. This should provide future customers with a lot of information about the new attraction, which is why the image-to-text ratio in the brochure is roughly balanced.

Information boards are set up in the customer area to give guests a deeper insight into Sisi's life. The complete design of the information boards was handed over to me - from the typography over the layout to the image search and selection.

Wandtafel Sisi und ihre Familie


Flyer | School project | Art Exhibition 

The subject of this invitation is the opening of an exhibition at the Budapest Art Hall. It contains a short description of the exhibition, programs, location and contact details. The invitation was written in two languages.

Einladung ganzes Layout
Einladung innere Blätter

Package DESIGN

Hannibals Becher ganzes Design
Hannibals on the Cup Mockup_siegel


Coffee to go Cap | Contest | Merchandise

 Designing a take-away coffee mug was announced as a competition by the designer grocery store HANNIBALs. I have realized the idea - not just a coffee but to take away the look and feel of the city of Vienna - with my designs.

hannibals plakat
agnes reczi logo & claim


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